Accelerating knowledge transfer through ProSolveIT’s Mentoring Services cultivates self-sufficiency by focussing on transferring knowledge gained in the training engagement and applying it to the real-world project life cycle.

ProSolveIT Mentoring Services bridge the gap between classroom learning and designing, developing, and deploying new technologies. It is aimed at reinforcing classroom skills learned under the guidance of an expert ProSolveIT consultant.

An expert consultant leads on-the-job mentoring  delivered once a delegate or project group have received their training course. Mentoring bridges the skills developed in the classroom with on-the-job implementation tasks driving new skills. Mentoring is delivered under expert guidance.

Target Audience includes: Individuals/new team members, Project Teams, Enterprise Project Management

Ideal for teams Initiating their first development effort within an Technology, Migrating existing enterprise applications to a new Technology and/or Migrating to a new version of Technology.