Why would I choose a non authorised training provider?

Traditional vendor authored courses are often designed to suit the marketing and upsell requirements of the vendor and not your project, covering a broad range of topics and removing your valuable team members for often a week at a time incurring expenses and impacting schedules.

For the application level courses there is also often a lack of dates scheduled as the demand is lower which can also have a negative impact on your business. Pro Solve IT is more cost affective than a vendor closed course and also can offer one to one mentoring for topics if required.

However we are happy to acknowledge that for new comers to technology a vendor foundation course is often the best solution, a Cisco CCNA or Oracle DBA is a valuable use of two weeks if you only have a few delegates at that level who lack the basic appreciation for the products.  By understanding your business, people and knowledge requirements we will happily recommend a public schedule vendor course if it is the best option.

What is the engagement style of ProSolve IT?

We am to ensure that our partnering with you for the knowledge empowerment of your team should be a professional, friendly and ultimately rewarding experience – both financially and personally.

Its a cliche, but true, that people buy from people but the communication we build between us and our clients, the trust that creates each time we deliver what we have agreed and assurance that gives to everyone we work with allows us to ensure a credible and honest approach to all engagements.

Before we can quote for a project we would like to meet the key decision makers, understand the business driver for this project and the guidelines of the plan. That also allows us to ensure we use the right style of consultant who will not only have the right skill set but also the right approach to complement the work already taking place.

How much do you charge per day?

Our standard closed course price for 8 delegates, to be held at a client site is £2440 + vat per day. Although we can run courses for a larger number it is not recommended.

Will we get courseware?

No, and as vendors move to ebook style courseware and away from the large textbooks we feel that has always been the right decision.

To create courseware for your project’s education workshop would cause the cost to triple – as one day of course material takes at least two days to write – and add very little value to your experience.

If you would like us to create worksheets, simple tests or key notes we are happy to do so, and there might be other reading available that we can recommend to complement the delivery but we have found that working with the technology whilst tutored by an expert is the best way to learn.