Why Education? Education accelerates your success in using technology.

Training is an integral part of a fully leveraging investment in software products and platforms. Aimed at closing the gap between what you already know and what you need to know in order to complete a desired task. ProSolveIT consultants work with you to provide a detailed analysis of your organisation’s training requirements based upon what you need to know now.

Onsite Training Needs Assessment engagements are offered on a free of charge basis. The ProSolveIT consultants will spend time with your project group either onsite or over the telephone understanding the project needs and mapping these needs against the skills of the project team.

Onsite Workshops are bespoke knowledge transfer workshops delivered onsite at the customers location. Training in Oracle WebLogic Suite, BPM Suite and Tuxedo for a target audience of Architects, Administrators and Developers. The ProSolveIT consultant builds workshops that are deliberately designed and tailored to meet the specific needs of a project or individual. Workshops range from 1 – 5 days dependent on the existing knowledge within the group and what the desired result is for transferring knowledge.

Onsite Mentoring services are used to apply the training gained in the knowledge transfer workshops onto a real-life project environment, or as a customised longer term training solution. Consultants will spend time with your project team focusing on hands-on reinforcement of the technical skills and concepts.

Expert forums are usually two days in duration. They are based on case study experience of putting large scale architectures into production. Experienced consultants deliver these forums which are ideal for enterprise architects and senior designers to bridge the gap between the “Big Picture” and the day-to-day tactical details of moving from architecture to production. Each Forum includes whiteboard based sessions to cover additional questions and risks that participants may be facing in their current architecture efforts.

Our Forums cover:
– Enterprise Architecture
– Integration
– Performance and Scalability
– Security
– OA&M