Briefing Services will help you understand what’s real, what’s hype about a topic, for example Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and how it applies to your organisation. After completion of the briefing, you will have a basic understanding and a thorough appreciation of the benefits and risks it presents to your organisation.

Definition Services. The correct definition of an Architecture, Design or Operational procedures is key to any successful implementation. The experience of our consultants will de-risk the definition phase ensuring a clean starting point for implementation.

Roadmap Services look at your current state (as-is) and where you want to be (to-be) and provides a roadmap to incrementally progress along this route.

Implementation Services. The successful implementation, deployment and ongoing support needs to be taken into account during the later stages of the development cycle. The experience gained by our consultants from being involved in many previous projects can help ensure smooth on time deployment and a system that has clear operational processes, ensuring maximum availability.

Review Services take a look at what you have already done and will be either executed as a “healthcheck” where artefacts are looked at from a quality assurance perspective, or a “checkpoint” where a go-no-go decision needs to be made.

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