Most Business Units are crying out for an innovative and agile IT that is aligned to its needs. IT has to align its IT Strategy (Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) roadmaps) into the Business Strategy and be more responsive and accountable.

ProSolveIT consultants will work with the IT department at all levels to understand the as-is state and create a future (to-be) state that is linked to real business value. A roadmap to progress incrementally to this target state is created and buy-in by IT and Business sought.

Architecture Awareness briefings for Senior Executives
For Architecture initiatives to be successful there must be buy-in from three distinct groups: executives, project managers, and developers. Presentations or “awareness” briefings to these individuals and to other potential sponsors on the benefits and the costs of moving to an enterprise architecture.

Baseline Roadmap
ProSolveIT facilitates workshops with Business and IT representatives to create a baseline roadmap. This creates a high level “what” needs to be done plan to progress from the current (as-is) state to the new target (to-be) state.

Prioritisation Planning
ProSolveIT helps to prioritise items in the baseline roadmap based on current Business/IT budget and plans to achieve a step-by-step implementation returning true business ROI whilst moving towards the end goal.

Implementation Stage
ProSolveIT’s consultants work to mitigate risk at all stages of the implementation and work with the organisation and technology advising on best practices.

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