“You have promised the business, have an SOA ROI to hit and after the first project has gone live and you are working on the second project it is all starting to go wrong.” Does this sound familiar?

If it does you are not alone, many organisations start implementing SOA on the promises of the technology vendors, but as the number of services and projects start to increase the real problems start to emerge and they are not technology related.

ProSolveIT has a lot of experience working with organisations to help them understand the non-technology related problems they are likely to meet and to head these issues off at the pass before they start to impact the ROI. Often SOA Governance products do help but ONLY if the organisation has the processes and structure for these tools to operate within. We have found that putting an experienced consultant that understands the vendor products but is independent to the vendors helps to get SOA governance working effectively.

With SOA Governance one size does not fit all and this consulting is customised to your oganisation with on-site mentoring, training and workshops. Some of the major items discussed can include:

  • SOA Lifecycle
  • Service Versioning
  • SOA concept training and your strategy education
  • Governance roles, responsibilities and process