IT and the Business must create a funding model in terms of business value and impact not just IT cost. IT investments must be measured on ROI and TCO of real business impact and be treated like any other business investment.

IT can enable the success of a company’s strategy. For example a key business strategy to improve customer loyalty through better customer service can see IT as the key enabler to provide a single view of customer and customer self service.

But how can the IT contribution to key business strategies be measured against the IT cost. Each IT investment must be tracked against:

  • Cost (TCO)
    development, maintenance and operational.
  • Quality and service
    availability, accuracy and functionality.
  • Risk
    business, organisational and technology.
  • Value
    strategic, technical, ROI

Questions to ask yourselves

  • How do you measure business impact of IT projects?
  • How do you measure operational effectiveness?
  • Do you track risk to the organisation and business strategies?

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